Waiting for my Back-Pack (serious post!)

While not blogging, I am traveling.  I was going to combine the two, but I forgot to.  A weak excuse for some but this time I was really glad I didn’t bring my computer, since we were the victims of a smash and grab in Oakland, CA and our backpacks were stolen. We were notified last week that someone found them ransacked and tossed and we are now waiting to receive the box with the backpacks and whatever the thief left behind.  The experience was unnerving and we felt quite violated.  I now have trust issues.  Just kidding, but I will be far more aware of what I carry with me and what I leave in my car!

Anyone traveling to Oakland, CA, please be aware that this type of crime has become incredibly common.  We were parked in a church parking lot attending a wedding reception in broad daylight.  There were video cameras and people around, including an outside caterer, and we never expected it…so please be careful.

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