Home again…

I’ve been traveling…nothing new there, but this time I came home with a sore throat and pain in my ears.  I waited a few days and then went to my doctor who prescribed amoxicillin, and here I am at 3:42am, not feeling much better than I was three days ago.

I’m supposed to leave on Tuesday morning for Israel and I’m concerned that I might not be a able to.  I so want to go to Israel.  I want to walk where Jesus walked, perhaps even touch a stone or tree trunk or lean against a wall where He was.  I want to return to America healed of all of my infirmities.  How many people go to Jerusalem for such a desire?  I know that Jesus is everywhere, and yet I still seek him.  I want an encounter.  I want more of Him.  I never thought about Jesus that way when I was younger…perhaps it  is this darkening world that makes me yearn for more light.  I want to glow with love from Jesus.  To be kinder, more loving, more attentive, more like Jesus.

So if by chance you are also awake at 3:50 in the morning and see a light on in someone’s home, maybe I’m that neighbor and that’s what I’m thinking about.   May the Lord bless your days.

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