Oops, it was my ADHD, or something like that…

Well people, it seems as if I forgot to keep blogging because there haven’t been any[dates…not that many people would notice as I haven’t got a huge following – yet!  But tonight my brother-in-law asked if I had been keeping my blog up (and he knew I hadn’t) and I gave about six excuses.  He accepted none of them and since I don’t want to disappoint anyone, here I am.  The final reason I gave was “because my hand shakes and I can’t type well with it” – to which my niece said, “No, you use dictation and we set it up that way for you!”, and I said “Exactly! Because I was dictating to my computer and I heard my husband come into my studio and this is what happened to my blog while I was dictating…SANDRA, WHERE ARE YOU?…no! stop talking! WHY DO I HAVE TO STOP TALKING? because I’m dictating my blog..WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THERE? Dictating I just said! I’m trying to write! BUT YOU AREN’T WRITING, YOU’RE IN THERE TALKING…WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO? I’m not talking to anyone, I’m dictating! Stop talking, you’re ruining my blog!! I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT I JUST WONDERED WHERE YOU WERE!  I’m right here – go away! WHY ARE YOU MAD AT ME?  I JUST WONDERED WHERE YOU WERE. I’m not mad at you. YOU SURE ACT LIKE IT.  I’M GOING TO WATCH TV IF YOU’RE GOING TO BE LIKE THIS.  Never mind. I can’t write now since I have to correct everything on the dumb page now.  I’ll come watch TV with you”

My brother-in-law was finally satisfied with this explanation and there you have it.  I’ll write tomorrow!  Dictation feature is now off.


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