My “Pen-a-log” continues…

A startling day of rain, dark clouds, and the realization that I may have more than 300 writing implements filling old cups, dresser drawers, and baskets hidden under counters.  Since I have nothing else on my agenda today other than my “to-do” list, which I never “do-to”, here goes…


  1. Yuma Recycling Center in Yuma, Arizona.  A family owned (but now sold) business for 36 years.  My oldest brother started it and retired from it having processed every kind of metal, plastic, cardboard, and paper known to mankind through its gates.
  2. Stirling Castle in Stirling, Scotland.  I’m definitely keeping this pen since it looks like an arrow.  Actually I have several of them and could fill a quiver.  Stirling Castle is one of Scotland’s most historically important sites and deserves to be on everyone’s list of things to do when visiting.
  3. Duraflame.  This is a pencil and will be useful to start a fire.
  4. Comfort Suites.  Nothing memorable about this.  In fact, I’m kind of embarrassed to have the pen!
  5. The Rock Church.  Wow! Two pens from Yuma, Arizona in one batch!!  I attended this church with above named brother and another sister.  Great music and very friendly people who care.
  6. La Quinta Inns and Suites.  Clean.  I remember that much.  I think it was in New Jersey?
  7. Mel’s Diner in Bonita Springs, Florida.  50’s theme and crazy paddles to hold while you wait in a line too long.  The paddles have the names of bands and singers that were popular during the 50’s and early 60’s.  I feel old when I’m there because 1. There are usually retired people there and 2.  I recognize the names on the paddles. My favorite item on the menu is the Salmon Club sandwich.
  8. Town Place Suites.  Yes, I said I traveled a lot and on road trips this type of 3 star hotel comes in handy.
  9. Viejas Resort and Casino.  Located in Alpine, California and a half hour from San Diego, Viejas also has a great outlet shopping mall across the street – if you have any money left from the casino.  I usually start at the mall and then wander  into the casino, hoping that I find that one lucky slot machine that I missed the last time I was there.  I know you’re beginning to think that I also gamble a lot, but think about that…I couldn’t afford to travel that much if I did since I’m a loser!!!   Not in life, but certainly in a casino!
  10. BITE ME BBQ.  Seems to be an appropriate follow up to number 9.  This restaurant is in Wichita, Kansas and is absolutely mouth-watering.  More on Wichita later, I’m sure.

I’d like to throw this out also… (not my back, that’s why I started a blog!  I couldn’t move and needed something to while away my time while I stayed home)…if you see the name of a pen place that you’d like more info on, please comment.  I’ll share what I know!

“Is this normal?”

Today it rained and I made a list of all the household things that needed to be done, both outside and inside.  Obviously I couldn’t do the outside things because it was raining, so I made that list really long.  I also know it is going to be a very rainy week so I even added a few things that I’d never do.  For some strange reason the list gave me a huge sense of satisfaction in a job well done.  I stuck the list on my “to do” pile and looked around my studio for something new to do.

I’d like to take a moment to describe my studio.  It is quite large, 20′ by 30′, cathedral ceiling with windows on the West, North, and South sides.  On the side without windows I have a built in bookcase with cabinets below.  Crammed full…but that’s another story.  I also have a coffee pot and cabinets, and a large stainless-steel sink for my many art projects.   My studio is set up with comfy seating on one side and my work space on the other.  Supposedly I am to create masterpieces of one kind or another, but to date, other than my lists, I’ve created next to nothing.  I do, however, have a lot of unfinished masterpieces.  I’m hoping that by sharing my life with anyone who wants to read along, that I will be encouraged to write, paint, and create.  Feel free to suggest, critique, and be my neighbor in this venture!

Referring back to my title today, my nieces and a nephew stopped by to help me with “computer stuff” and I heard my older niece exclaim to her brother, “GUESS, just GUESS, how many emails Aunty has!!!”  She kept looking at my phone with amazement on her face.  My nephew, half paying attention, glanced up and said what he thought would be a crazy number.  “3,000?”

“No.”  (I felt it was a very harsh “NO!”- at least that’s how I heard it…)

This response from his sister brought him to full attention and he turned to look at me.  I shrugged my shoulders.  His sister said, “Try 24,589.”

All eyes were on me.  I smiled and countered with, “Well, actually, there are more like 54,000 because every time my emails overwhelm me, I just get a new email address.  I can start fresh!  Isn’t that normal?”

Their eyes met and exchanged looks that only had meaning to them.  When they left after dinner, I furtively erased at least 60 emails. 😔